Apotheosis : Deviations

by Jeff Schmidt

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Apotheosis was written in early 2006 for 5 string electric piccolo fretless bass as the finale for my first real 30 minute solo bass set.

It was among 3 or 4 solo pieces I played live, but intentionally never recorded.

I used to like the idea of having solo pieces that people could only hear at my shows. Apotheosis was always the closer.

Of course, just because I didn't want to record Apotheosis in the studio, didn't stop video of it's live performance from being recorded. Eventually I posted a video from a live performance on YouTube. youtu.be/TF4sJHBIYEo

To my dismay, it became the most viewed Jeff Schmidt Solo Bass video, dwarfing the views received by what I considered to be my more musically substantive pieces. There's no accounting for taste on You Tube. Or maybe there is. Anyway - I continued to play the piece live but never really seriously thought of recording it. Until recently.

I didn't want to just release it as a single. But the idea of giving it the re-mix treatment sounded like a cool way to bring new life to the piece and round out a nice little EP.

And, viola! Here it is - Apotheosis : Deviations featuring a fresh new recording of the solo bass version - and 5 new views of the piece from me, and one from Russ Sitka.

This has been terrific process for me. First - just getting back in touch with the original solo version which I haven't played for a few years. And then re-examining the piece from different angles in the remix process.

Feel free to download - share - facebook - twitter. All is appreciated.

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ALL sale proceeds from APOTHEOSIS : DEVIATIONS will be donated to Music in Schools Today (www.mustcreate.org) - a San Francisco Bay Area's answer to the crisis in music education.

Despite extensive research indicating that music instruction supplies intellectual, emotional and physical components critical to children's development, music and arts programs are often the first victims of budget cuts.


released September 1, 2012


tracks 1-6: jeff schmidt

track 7: russ sitka




Jeff Schmidt San Francisco

composer, sound manipulator, bassist


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